Services that are individually tailored to meet each non-profit organization’s needs. Small non-profit entities tend to focus more on controlling costs than improving performance and efficiency. We focus first on addressing those immediate cost concerns but then move as quickly a possible to change the focus to improving net results of the non-profit entity. Please download a non-profit organization services pricing worksheet or simply ask for a proposal to get started in preparing a cost estimate for services.

The majority mall non-profit organizations – ranging from small community clubs to regional environmental groups or trade associations – that we serve spend a total of between $165 and $500 per month on all financial management tasks inclusive of services like an accounting system, bookkeeping, bank fees, credit card processing, payroll service, tax/informational filings, etc., depending on the number of transactions and other requirements.

Our intent is to maximize value by combining these various financial services to improve overall efficiency and making the best use of available technology.