Why are you paying more income tax than Donald Trump?

Non-profit organizations like those we support at wealthmanagement.us are the most effective tax reducing tools available under our tax laws, but this is not likely the strategy used most often by candidate Trump. 

Mr. Trump tells us that he works hard to pay little or nothing in taxes. What he really means is that he has excellent tax advisers and accountants who are focused on minimizing his tax liability. The reason you pay more is that your don’t have the same strategy and don’t have the same type of focused advisers.

In my work, over the past three decades, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals, professionals and business owners do the same type of strategic tax planning even if our income figures are more modest amounts than Donald Trump’s. With solid planning, you can target the tax level you wish to attain – make it part of your overall financial plan or business strategy – and achieve the same bragging rights as Trump. Providing this individualized tax planning help is the most rewarding thing that I do.

I invite you to schedule a one hour tax planning session. That’s usually enough to make significant progress on understanding your current situation, developing a strategy, and running sample projections as a goal.

And from now until the election, I’m enhancing the offer with an additional hour of information over the next year about specific tax saving strategies and opportunities, as they arise and based on your personal tax planning strategy.

Please give me a call or send a message to get the process started toward lowering your tax bill!

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