Accounting and financial management services of Tony Novak CPA

The field of wealth management tends to focus on private financial assets. Even the term “wealth management” tends to trigger visions of conspicuous overconsumption of the privileged few. Yet our collective wealth in non-profit, public and charitable assets is quite substantial despite far fewer professional resources that are available to help manage it. In fact, small non-profit organizations often report that they find it difficult to find well-qualified financial management help. Many have financial management deficiencies that hinder the organization’s progress.

Wealthmanagement.us.com focuses on delivering high value accounting and advisory services to small non-profit organizations. The web site is run by accountant Tony Novak.

Efficiency and value is created by combining multiple services and making the best use of integrated technologies. Services include bookkeeping, required filings, donation transaction processing, managing fundraising campaigns, grant writing support, personnel management, payroll and benefits services, and strategic advisory services.

If you are the Treasurer of a small non-profit organization, I welcome your thoughts on issues that affect the performance of your organization.

If you are looking for help with your non-profit organization, we welcome you to schedule a free no-obligation telephone consultation to consider how the integrated online accounting and financial management services can help boost efficiency, lower costs and help boost your organization to achieving greater goals.